Turkish Embassy in Abuja

Info Notes

Visa Application: Appointment Procedure, 30.08.2015


To apply for Turkish visa in the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Abuja, applicants should book an appointment by sending an e-mail to


The subject of the e-mail message for the appointment request should simply be “Appointment Request”.

The exact content of the message could be found below:

Full name: ........ (in BLOCK LETTERS)
Passport number: ........
Purpose of the trip: ........
Planned date of travel: ........


- Applicants without an appointment will not be attended.

- Messages sent with another subject line as well as messages including any sort of additional info or inquiry will be disregarded.

- The content requested above must be written in the e-mail text. Attachments will be disregarded.

- Due to high number of visa applications, applicants are advised to send their messages for visa interview appointment at least 8 weeks before their prospective travel dates.

- The applicant will be notified about the appointment date shortly after the e-mail message for visa interview appointment is received by the Embassy.

- Applicants are strictly advised to book only one (1) appointment within one month. Multiple bookings within one month will be punished by cancellation of all appointments without notice.